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Wedding Photos

The Liverpool wedding

Eman & saad  Dec 16th 2023


Kind words from Eman & Saad

Our wedding was on the 16th of December 2023. 
Christy has been the photographer of the whole day starting with a photoshoot, then the registration at St George in Liverpool, then the celebration in Manchester. Quite a long day, but she's been so great from the beginning to end
She's such a brilliant, talented and amazing person and photographer. She made our day look like a dream coming true.
The details in her pictures. The photoshoot and choosing the perfect moments of our wedding day. I'm so grateful. Everytime I look at the pictures, I'm on tears.

Highly recommended as a brilliant photographer...
We really appreciate your hard work and how organised you are, Christy.

I personally am very thankful of your reassuring words during the photoshoot and celebration. She kept saying (so beautiful) and that put me on ease and made me feel pretty.


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