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How to have a worry-free wedding shoot | for camera shy couples

camera shy couple | wedding photos

Focus on each other.

How to look good in wedding photos? The best photo captures you enjoying the moment on your big day! It is a lot easier to shoot a couple than one person. Since my photo style is more candid, I love shooting couples when they can do something together or interact with each other. They usually really enjoy the shooting process, and this brings out the best expressions in my photos, which are always natural and timeless. Also, I’ll be there to give you some ideas and advice before and during the shoot; all you need to do is have fun!

Meet before the wedding.

I know it can be more challenging for some couples, since the couple and I might only meet for the first time on their big day! That’s also why I always suggest having a video call and arranging a pre-wedding shoot beforehand. We can get to know each other a bit, and you can experience the shoot in advance. So, you will get familiar with me and the process especially for camera shy couple!

You're going to look stunning.

 With nice makeup and outfits, professional cameras, shooting & editing skills, it can be challenging to get bad photos! I’m sure you carefully chose all the vendors to work with. You can always communicate with me, letting me know if there’s any particular kind of photos you prefer, and you can have makeup and a pre-wedding shoot beforehand, so you can make sure that on your wedding day, everything will meet your expectations.

Preparation before the shoot.

A good photo needs some preparation! During the face-to-face meeting, I always ask about your plans for the day, and give some tips and advice to make sure everything goes smoothly. So on the wedding day, there's no need to run through any timings or details; we’re on the same page, and you can focus on other things like having fun with your lovely guests - after all, that's the best way to bring out natural images of you on your wedding day.

Props for weddings.

I usually suggest some simple props, since people are more relaxed being photographed with things to do or things to hold. Of course, this can also be creative if the props you prefer are fun or meaningful to you! Even without any props, when you focus on your future wife/husband, the photos should look natural and timeless!

I know sometimes there might be unexpected things happening on the wedding day - like the weather! But no matter what happens, we can always get some great photos, as long as we’re willing to try to make things work together!


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