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The Castlefield Rooms wedding photography

Wedding Photos

The Castlefield Rooms wedding

Daniel & Tamsin  Dec 2nd  2023

The wedding unfolded at The Castlefield Rooms, a venue I've always admired, especially in that vibrant area! So, when I found out my photographer friend had a wedding there and needed a second shooter, I was over the moon. It was my first time at the venue and I was excited to be there. The ceremony space was bathed in natural light, thanks to a beautiful ceiling window, while the reception glowed with the warm hues of flickering candles. It was like stepping into a dream – especially with the charming Christmas decorations adding to the festive vibe.I managed to steal a moment for a few stunning couple portraits, and with the Christmas decorations, the backdrop couldn't have been more perfect. But what really made the day special were the candid shots I captured of the guests; moments of pure joy and celebration.To top it all off, the couple couldn't have been lovelier. Their kind words afterward truly warmed my heart. It was a day filled with magic, and I feel grateful to have been a part of it.


Kind words from Daniel & Tamsin

Winter Wedding

Christy was amazing at capturing our wedding day! She had a great attention to detail and didn’t miss any opportunity or moment for a perfect shot. She captured a perfect mix of both candid and styled poses which we can treasure always.

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